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Calla Lilies


Zantedeschia, arum lily or more commonly known as calla lily is an herbaceous, perennial plant. These plants are native to South Africa. Characterized by their large, beautiful bloom, these are a very popular houseplant and are also used in many floral arrangements. Do not let the name confuse you, these are actually part of the Araceae family, and not the Liliaceous family to which the true lilies belong to.


Hold on that is not the only catch here. The plant produces impressive, trumpet-shaped blooms. This is actually not the flower, but only a leaf called a spathe. The actual flower part of the plant is the yellow or orange spike in the middle of the white spathe. Not just white, the spathe can be yellow, orange, pink or purple, red, green, and black. So much of trivia in one flowering plant, isn’t it?


The calla lily plant is very tough and can be easily grown with minimum care. Send Calla Lilies Plants to India to your beloved ones with just a few clicks. Opt for a Calla Lilies Plants Delivery in India to get these beautiful plants delivered to their doorsteps. Just a word of caution, do not ingest any part of these plants.

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