What is International Women’s Day & Why We celebrate it?

Posted by Monika Sharma on 26th February 2019

Those days are a part of history when women were considered weak compared to men in any way. Today with education and there innate ability women are powerful. They are charming and ready to take up any challenges that they face. You are able to see women in each field and are pursuing carriers in the field. These were earlier considered to be dominated by men. Time and again they have proven their abilities and they don’t need a platform to do so.  They can take care of their families, housework and professional life with immense grace.

What is women’s day?

Every year on the 8th of March, International Women’s Day is celebrated all across the world as a celebration of the immense achievements and womanhood. We have for you the best Women’s Day Gift Ideas for you right here, just keep reading.

Why is Women’s Day Celebrated?

A lot of people are not aware as about the fact as to why is this day celebrated as women’s day. The main reason behind celebration is that until the early 1900’s woman had faced so much of inequality and this day puts across a special message to women around the world. Now it’s their time to rise and shine and not be frightened of anything or anyone.

The day also celebrates the presence of women in our lives as a mother, sister, wife, girlfriend and so many roles they play in our life. It has a huge impact on everyone. It also shows there perseverance in difficult times and the empathy, love, and kindness she has for all.

So this is the perfect time when you can start searching for that perfect Women day gift for the women in your life who makes it all the more special. In case you haven’t decided yet, we have ideas for you. You can wish Happy Women’s Day with so much love and admiration.

  • Jewellery

All women love jewellery and you can choose from a variety of earrings, bracelets and another accessory. This will surely make them feel special.

  • Flowers

All of the appreciation and the love you feel for the women in your life is put across when you send them a beautiful bouquet of flowers that they love. You can also send blue orchid bouquet as well as it symbolises respect and strength.

  • Customised Coffee Mugs

If the woman in your life loves having coffee, send a customised coffee mug with a special message printed on it. This will lead a long lasting impression wishing her on a special day. You can even add a fun text to bring a smile on their face.

So, if you had been searching for Gifts for her for the special day. We can deliver it for you at the doorstep. Send best gift has a huge range of Women day Gifts to choose from. Make sure you do give it to them this year and appreciate their wonderful presence in your life.

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