Top Trending Teacher’s Day Gift Ideas 2021

Posted by Monika Sharma on 5th September 2016

Childhood! Best phase of our life! Each day is a celebration as a child. A never ending naughtiness, carefree attitude, uncontrollable laughter, perpetual super active body. Ah! not to forget our katti-abba friendships, indoor-outdoor games, Mummy-Papa well connected to complaining neighbour aunties and uncles. 

But, the best part of our childhood remains  ‘why are you laughing? shameless fellows! get out of my class’. Yes, our Teachers. 

And today, wherever we stand, we realize how precious teachers are in our life. Every single conversation with them was always a direct or indirect indication towards the next step up the ladder. Sometimes patient, sometimes strict, but loving… all the time. Teachers are the guides who walk us through the most crucial path of our life and shape us to be who we are today as a human being.

While the school teachers top our list, some of us are also blessed enough to be given an opportunity to learn from many others during various walks of life. Be it our bosses, mentors, coaches, trainers, seniors or friends.

This Teachers’ Day, let’s remember to thank each one who helped us shape our personalities with little or more effort, who supported us to sail through smoothly during ups and highs and the ones who truly hold a space in our heart for their contribution in our lives.

Let us celebrate by sending them a surprise gift and a sweet note of thanks to express how important they are to us.

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5. Best gifts for teachers – God Idols, Chocolates, Sweets & More

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