The Meaning of Rose Flowers by its Colour

Posted by Monika Sharma on 3rd February 2020

A rose is an epitome of love and romance. It has the power to intensify the love in a relation. Roses with their beauty and elegance are capable to brighten someone’s day. So, do not forget to gift a ravishing Rose bouquet to your loved one this Valentine’s day. The significance and its importance depend on the colour of the Rose. Each colour has its own meaning. Let us see what is the meaning of rose flowers by its colours.

Red Roses

Red colour is associated with love and romance and it is always best to say, “I Love you” through it. The colours also stands for beauty and perfection. A dark red will reveal an unconscious beauty.

Pink Rose

Pink colour rose talks about grace and elegance. If you send a rose day gifts for girlfriend and it is a pink rose bouquet, it means you are sending it in her admiration and there is happiness being with her.

Yellow Rose

When you see a vibrant colour the first thing that comes to mind is bright, cheerfulness and joyful. Giving a yellow rose simply conveys about how joyful you are to have him/her in your life and how vibrant your friendship is.

White Rose

White represents purity, a new beginning, innocence and charm. These roses are generally used at weddings. Save the white roses for a more sombre moment as it depicts, “a heart acquainted with love”.

Orange Rose

Orange stands for enthusiasm and passion. Giving an Orange Rose as a rose day gift for wife/Fiancé will show your passionate feeling, excitement and romance for the relationship.

Lavender Roses

It is an enchanting way to keep telling your partner how eager you are to grow the relation. Lavender colour reflects love at first sight.

Peach Roses

Peach colours reflect appreciation and gratitude towards someone. It is a very pretty and sweet way to Thank and signifies modesty and sincerity.

Salmon roses

Salmon roses are used more for budding relationships. It is a pinker shade than orange.

Cream Roses

Cream rose signifies charm and thoughtfulness. It goes well in a bunch with pink roses.

Green Roses

Green stands for colour of growth. It is the constant renewal of life and energy. Also it spreads the message of cheerfulness.

Black Roses

This is a very dark colour and not easy to find. People generally do not prefer giving it but it symbolises rebirth and new beginnings.

Rose Day Gifts

We are sure the meaning of each colour has been well defined and now you know which is the best suited for your relation. When you plan a rose day gifts online, the first thing you must pick is the perfect combination or colour of flower arrangement as a rose day gift for girlfriend/wife/ fiancé. You may take a trio or two-colour arrangement that would signify what you are expecting from your relation. Even a mix-assorted arrangement tells how unique is your relation. Wish your mate with the prettiest bouquet of roses and make your relation stand out.

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