Raksha Bandhan Timings and Shubh Muhurat to Tie Rakhi August 11, 2022

Posted by Monika Sharma on 6th August 2018

Raksha Bandhan is an Indian festival, the literal translation of which is bond/ thread of protection. Since times immemorial now, it is widely celebrated in the whole of India. The festival highlight the strong relation shared between sisters and brothers. Talking about how old the tradition is, we can draw reference form the fact that it started when Gods and demons used to stay on mother Earth. There is no fixed date for the festival of rakhi as it is celebrated on full moon day aka Purnima of Shravan Mas aka Saavan. This year the festival falls on Thursday August 11. However, going by the Indian calendar and timings, there is surely Raksha Bandhan Shubh Muhurat or muhuratam. There is an auspicious time when one should go forward with rakhi celebrations.

An Auspicious Time

On this day, the sisters tie a pious thread around the wrist of their brothers, praying for healthy & prosperous long life of their brothers. As per the Hindu calendar, the day is divided into auspicious and inauspicious time zones. For proceeding with anything good, one should keep in mind the time for fruitful results. The same holds true for raksha bandhan celebrations also. This year, the best time starts at 6 in the morning and remains so for approximately 12 hours. Before coming to an end at around 5:30 in the evening. During these 12 hours, the sisters can tie rakhi on the wrists of their brother, wishing for a healthy life ahead for them.

Gifts to Add On to the Festivities

In the current age and time, people have become more occupied than they were, say, twenty years before. Seriousness towards career because of rising competition has resulted in this sudden rush of and for everything. Sometimes it so happens that one has to move out of home to stay in some other part of India. Or outside the country too to fulfil their dreams and desires. In such cases, relations for some, take a backseat. Here is when the acute need for online services comes to the fore. Online rakhi delivery in India is one service using which sisters living anywhere in the world. One can send a rakhi online to their brothers living anywhere in India. Be it a metro city or a remote village and make them feel valued and loved.

Rakhi Gifts for Brother & Sister

Along with a rakhi for brother, the sister can also send along a gift like chocolates, cakes, and some other personalised item to make it look sweet. In return, it is a brother’s duty to send the sister a gift to thank her for caring for him through thick and thin. Here again, there is a huge range of rakhi gifts for sister available online for one to choose from. Depending on what the sister likes or has an inclination towards (chocolates, anyone?), the brother can easily choose a gift and make the sister feel loved as well as blessed.

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