Mother’s Day Flowers: Symbol of Female Beauty & Elegance

Posted by Monika Sharma on 2nd May 2019

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and it is time to go shopping for Mother’s Day gifts. Flowers have always been an excellent choice of gift, no matter what the occasion is or who the recipient is. This Mother’s Day, surprise your beloved mother with Mother’s Day flower: symbol of female beauty & elegance. Order from best flower gift ideas and wish her a very happy Mother’s Day. Make sure you have the perfect Mother’s Day quote when you present her with the gift. Head to our Mother’s Day quotes post to ensure that you have the best lines to choose from.

Mother’s Day flowers are many and each has a different meaning. So let us get started and know the meaning of each one of them.


White carnations have always been associated with Mother’s Day celebration. It is a symbol of love, faith, purity, beauty, thankfulness and admiration. Admire your mother for the contributions she has made in your life with these beautiful flowers with a delicate fragrance. Red, pink, yellow or white, select the color that mothers likes the most and amaze her with the beauty of flowers.


Traditionally used as a valentine’s day gift, but recent years have seen roses become a popular choice for Mother’s Day flowers. Roses are the way to go if your mother loves them. They come in different colors and floral arrangements. From appreciation to love and thankfulness to devotion, roses say it all.


Majestic lilies signify love, prosperity, beauty, friendship and humility. Present your mother with white lilies, pink lilies or orange lilies. Get the beautiful floral arrangements of these flowers delivered with the same day flower bouquet delivery. Same day delivery will ensure that your gift is not late to reach the doorsteps of your mother.


An orchid accurately expresses beauty, luxury, love, strength and refinement. This flower is a preferred Mother’s Day gift for its regal and exotic appearance. Trust a bouquet of orchids or a combination of orchids with anthurium or carnation to thrill your mother.


If you want joyful flowers which signify beauty and thankfulness, then gerbera is the way to go. These beautiful delicate flowers will help you express your love, admiration and gratitude. These flowers come in a host of colors. Red, white, pink, yellow or orange, get the ones that you think your mother will like the most.


Anthurium is thought to bring luck and prosperity. This along with their distinctive heart shape makes anthurium a good choice for the occasion. Pair up these flowers with other flowers and surprise your mother.

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Reflect your caring and loving nature with a floral arrangement. A bouquet, a vase or a basket of anyone of these flowers will go a long way in strengthening the mother-child bond. You can also express your love for her with a Mother’s Day mixed flower combination. Or use the combo of flowers with cake, greeting card, personalized gifts to amaze her. This Mother’s Day, pledge that you will present your mum with Mother’s Day gifts on this Mother’s Day and the Mother’s Day to come.

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