List of Indian Festivals in October 2021

Posted by Monika Sharma on 6th October 2018

Festivals always bring the cheers and colours to life and in India festivals are about the elaborate celebration.

October is not only the month of winter calling but also the month of vibrant festivals and bountiful celebration, we can feel a different type of zest among us, the feeling of happiness and jolliness. So, let’s know what festival comes in October bag.

Let’s, start with what comes first:

•    Navratri – October 07, 2021 to October 14, 2021

A nine days long festival of colours and joy, Navratri is celebrated to please the deity. It is long and vibrant fiesta that can even bring the happiness to even all-time sad face. As we Indians love to shower gifts to our loved ones occasionally or non-occasionally. Our Navratri gifts give the opportunity to bring that big smile to your loved ones.

•    Durga Puja – October 11, 2021 to October 15, 2021

The festival turns the atmosphere entirely religiously, the most important festival of every Bengali. The pandals with elaborate statues of Goddess Durga in various forms. Usually, Pandals are set up in every locality and Durga idol is worshipped there. People in their best attires go for pandal hopping (even during midnight) and extravagant feasting. With these busy evenings with pandal hopping and daytime with your regular work, don’t miss out the fun of gifting this time try Durga pooja gifts online. It saves time and gives you wide variety of option at a single place.

•    Dussehra – October 15, 2021

We all know that Dussehra is the festival of victory of good over evil. The day when good is said to be victorious. It is the festival that is celebrated pan India not only in one or two states. The 9 days long Ram Lila enact the tale of Lord Ram and his win over Ravana.  Last day or Dussehra day tells the demise of bad and win of good. On this day elders present some exciting gift to their younger. Gift something unique this year to far away daughter try Dussehra gifts delivery, to surprise her.

•    Karwa Chauth – October 24, 2021

A festival that strengthens the bond of the husband & wife, the celebration that is for most pious relation. The married women observe the fast for the whole day and break it only after seeing the moon in the evening. Women don’t even drink the water during the time of fast, it is said that keeping the fast increases the lifeline of the husband.

So, when the wife puts in so much effort to strengthen the relationship, the husband try their best to treat them by gifting exciting presents. So, this year plan Karwa Chauth gifts for wife that will bring a big smile on their face and make them happy.

Though the celebration and festivity continue till Diwali, the above festivals are the starting point of the joy.

So, as the festival season has just begun to make yourself ready for some of the exciting fun and positive that these festivals will bring for you and spread that smile to your all loved ones by giving them unique gift that will double the joy of the festival season.

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