Housewarming Gift Ideas to Create a Memorable Impression

Posted by Monika Sharma on 18th March 2020

Grihapravesham or moving into a new house is surely a very exciting time. There is fun in making a place your own and for all the obvious reasons decorating it is even more special. But, it needs to be admitted that all this work can be overwhelming for people. That is where friends and family come into the picture. Present your friends and family members moving into a new home with useful pieces of gifts. The new owners will surely appreciate beautiful housewarming gifts, a true gesture of love and something that can calm their psyche.

Whether your friends like handy gifts or they appreciate funny presents. There is a plethora of memorable housewarming gift ideas to please everyone. Scroll on to find some of the trendiest gifts for the occasion.

  • Hello Doormat

Present them a lovely “hello” doormat to make their future guests feel at home.

  • Good luck plants

Increase the flow of positive energy in their new home with good luck plants, a money plant to reduce anxiety, a luck bamboo to bring luck or go for other Green Plants.


Another gift that adds to the positive vibes are flowers. Give them a Flower Bouquet to add charm to their house.

  • Decorative Vase

Do not just grab a bouquet, present them with a chic vase to help them put flowers into.

  • Funny Kitchen towels

Present them with funny kitchen towels to make cleaning fun.

  • Candlesticks

Help them give a vintage look to their home with an old-school candlestick.

  • Do-it-yourself Gifts

DIY housewarming gifts mean so much more than gifts bought at a gift store. A homemade wreath, a welcome home essentials jar, and wooden coasters can be good bets.

Personalized Gifts

Cannot make one for them? Get one made by the experts, shop for personalized gifts to make the gift seem more special. Go for a personalized photo stone or a personalized cushion.

  • Watch

Give them a Wall Watch that goes with their interior design. Wall watches serves the dual purpose of being useful and decorative.

  • Painting

Who does not like to hand beautiful paintings in their home. Paint one yourself or get a beautiful one from the market and resent it to them.

  • Photo Frame

Present them with a beautiful photo frame that they can keep on their bedside table with a beautiful picture in it.

  • Dry Fruits

Dry Fruits are a healthy gift and one that will you a lot of appreciation. Give them a box of almonds, cashews, raisins, walnuts, and pistachio.

Fresh Fruits

Another healthy gift, fresh fruits will titillate their taste buds. Present them with a seasonal Fresh Fruits Basket. Do keep in mind what they like.

  • Gift Cards

Not sure what to gift? Let them decide for themselves what they want. Make a beautiful card, tuck the gift card in it and give it to them.

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Doormat, bedroom plant or gift card, present them with any of these gifts and they will appreciate it. Scroll through the vast range of housewarming gifts at SENDBESTGIFT to get more housewarming gift ideas.

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