5 Most Preferred Birthday Flowers to Surprise Your Loved One

Posted by Monika Sharma on 12th March 2020

Birthdays are unarguably one of the most awaited occasions of the year. People start planning for their birthday and that of their beloved ones’ weeks before the actual event. Since the occasion is such an important one, you need to be prepared with the best gifts to surprise your dearest ones on their birthday.

Talk of gifts and you cannot overlook floral birthday gifts. Having been used as an expression of love for thousands of years, flowers should be your go-to gifts for anyone who is close to your heart and hold an important position in your life. Here is a list of five of the best floral arrangements to amaze your beloved ones. Present your parents, spouse, siblings, friends, colleagues, or boss with one of these floral arrangements.


The good old classic, roses never fail when it comes to amazing people. Get decorative floral arrangements of roses, especially red ones, and present them to your loved one on his/her birthday. Red Roses Glass Vase Arrangement, dozen long stemmed red roses, a bouquet of pink roses or a Red Roses Heart Shape Arrangement, let roses tell the recipient how important he/she is for you. Choose the color according to the bond you share with the birthday boy or girl.


These majestic flowers represent positivity and charm. That is what makes lilies an ideal choice for a birthday. Send these beautiful blooms to your mother, father, sister, grandparents or friends to wish them a super positive birthday. Not just lily flowers, you can send them a lily plant as well.


Exotic and stunning orchids are the way to go if you are planning to amaze your wife, girlfriend or fiancée on her birthday. These gorgeous flowers come in a variety of colors and are known to represent beauty, love and strength. Go for a Flower Bouquet of Orchid and a delicious cake to make for a stunning birthday celebration.


Representing innocence and cheerfulness, gerbera flowers are the perfect birthday flowers for cheerful people. Send these flowers to your happy-go-lucky friends to make them feel special with the warmth of your love.


One of the most popular spring flowers, tulips come in a variety of colors. These spring blooms are a symbol of imagination, dreaminess, and declaration of love. Let tulips convey your love and wish the recipient at the same time.

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Beautiful floral gift are most certainly one of the fabulous birthday gift for girlfriend, wife, husband, boyfriend or fiancé. Make this birthday a special one for your special someone with a special floral gift, choose now.

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