Creative ways to make Rakhi at home

Posted by Monika Sharma on 8th August 2019

August 11 is not that far away. Raksha Bandhan is knocking on the doors and this is the time to make arrangements to set the celebration ablaze. Be at your creative best, show your artistic skills, read our article and get started on how to make homemade Rakhi.

It is not that daunting as it sounds. All it takes is a little effort and lots of love to make a Rakhi. And trust us, your brother will be flabbergasted to get this Rakhi. He will choose it over any other, we guarantee you that. So let us get started.

First you will have to get some supplies from the market. No matter what type of you Rakhi you make, you will definitely need silk threads or ribbon. So make sure to get those. Also, since Rakhi is a very colorful festival, get colors to decorate your Rakhi. And, do we need to mention it, get colorful chart papers.

Apart from the staples, there are certain Rakhi specific items that you will have to get. For example, you will need Ganesha idol if making a Ganesha Rakhi (you can take it out from an invitation card). Similarly, you will need buttons for button Rakhi, decorative items for Designer Rakhi, Rudraksh for Rudraksh Rakhi and so on. Finding these will not be a problem, you can get most of these at your local stationery shop.

So having got all the necessary things that you need, it is time to get started. Wait, have you done it before? No? You can always Google it. Decide what type of Rakhi you are looking for. Then ask Google if it knows how to make that Rakhi. We have shared a few DIY ideas in our blogs section. Go check them out to get a precursory idea for homemade rakhi. Then start making it. Remember, it is your love and effort that counts not the output. However, we are sure that you will do just fine. Your Rakhi will give the best of Rakhi a run for their money.

Having bolstered with our pep talk, you have now aced the art of making Rakhi. So what to do next? Now it is the time for gifts. Wait, do not worry. We are not going to ask you to gift your siblings a homemade gift. Shop for Rakhi gifts for brother from any online website in India with a credible record. Do not forget about your sister, else she will is going to be not so happy. The internet is full of Rakhi gifts for sisters, make a selection from there.

Before choosing gifts, ensure that the website that you are selecting has a reliable Rakhi gifts delivery. You do not want your gift to be late, do you? Opt for the same day Rakhi delivery and same day Rakhi gifts delivery to send your love to your brothers and sisters. We wish you and your siblings a very heartwarming Rakhi celebration.

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