6 Things You Should Avoid Doing on Valentine’s Day

Posted by Monika Sharma on 23rd January 2020

There are various things listed about what to do on Valentine’s Day, but what about the ones we should avoid doing it. While some couples go for the conventional jewelry or chocolate exchange Valentine’s Day Gifts, others go for a loving night out to keep the spark alive. Not doing something wrong is in a way doing something which appeals to your loved one. Here are some quick tips on what are big NO’s for Valentine’s Day.

Do not discuss your past

Not anyone even cares if your ex-boyfriend borrowed a horse and carriage and took you away into the sunshine. Do not discuss your past with your Valentine. It sounds very rude! Taking references from the past can be an indicator to your partner that you are not still ready for a genuine relationship or rather suggests that you are not done yet with your ex. 

Confirm all the plans before you leave

Amidst all the planning, discussing the teddy day gift ideas, people generally forget the most important thing to do, i.e., when the location or the destination is finalized, people forget to confirm it. Whether it is an expensive dinner date or a movie date make sure that you confirm those plans beforehand. The main priority behind all this is that all you plan should go very smoothly.

Do not propose

Out of 365 days, please do not choose this day for your proposal! You can pick any other day and make that day a special one essentially for you both. Banging on with THE question to your loved one on Valentine’s Day is not at all meaningful. Select a day that can be distinguished as YOUR day!

Do not drink (heavily)

On this special day, there is no requirement of compromising your emotions and feelings. It is very well known that one cannot count the number of questionable decisions you make after one too many pulls of vodka. Do not drink to forget your sadness, whether if you are single or dating a frat young. Yes, you can have a glass of wine, within the comfort of your own home and go to sleep by 9:00 p.m. on your couch. However, please do not take twelve shots of alcohol before midnight.

Do not be alone

Why be alone if you have friends and family? Do not fall in depression by spending Valentine’s Day alone. Go out with friends and spend some time or you can even call your family and schedule a movie with them. It is a big NO to sit in front of the Television and watch a sentimental movie that will question your single status. This beautiful day is not just for couples, it is a day that rejoices love, and love can be shared amongst family members and/or friends.

Do not shut off the fire 

Keep the fire alive from this special day onwards, even if this day is marked as valentines but if you keep adoring your partner and keep the spark breathing, every day will be special and you may not need the motive to celebrate your love! 

Discussing the rose day gift ideas or maybe chocolate day gift ideas is not that important. The important thing is to feel the essence. By following the big NO for this valentine, you may find yourself to be more prepared and organized.

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