5 Romantic Ways to say I Love You with a Gift

Posted by Monika Sharma on 4th February 2019

When you are in love and it just gets difficult to hold your emotions in and you just want to say out loud that you are in love, don’t stop. Love is a blessing and if you have that someone special in your life make sure they know in one of the loveliest manners ever. It is something that will stay with you for a lifetime and as its an exceptional feeling. The confession should be a romantic one as well. You must have come across the romantic ways of expressing love to someone, but most of them are amplified and a bit unrealistic too.

But we do need to say at least those three words in the best way possible that we can.  So here we have for you the 5 romantic ways to say I love you with a gift.

  • I Love You Teddy Bear

This is one of the cutest ways to making your love confession. You can select the one with a heart in his hands. And the good news is that you can send I love you teddy bear online from our website. This will surely speak out what you feel and are perfect for youngsters as a proposal gift. It is also one of the most popular choices on Valentine’s Day.

  • A Heart-Shaped Cushion

Another great idea is sending I love you heart shaped cushion. These are a perfect gift if you are in a long distance relationship as it feels make your presence felt whenever your loved ones will use it. These are a great choice for girls as they really love cute things like a teddy bear and a heart shaped cushion.

  • A Printed Coffee Mug

Another incredible way of saying I Love You to your sweetheart is a printed coffee mug. This will be a perfect surprise for guys as you can send them this with I love you printed on it and a picture of you two together. This will for sure have a lasting impression. And when they will be having their warm cup of coffee every morning, you will be on their minds for sure.

  • A Cake

Yes, a heart-shaped cake, with a personalised message or printed picture of you too is another perfect gift. You can also send I love you greeting cards with it. Red velvet is perfect for valentines and send cake online, and it will be delivered at the doorstep.

  • Heart Shape Rose Flower Arrangement

What’s a better way to propose than roses? You don’t have to utter a single word; a red rose will say it all on your behalf. A great idea is to send Ferrero Rocher chocolates with red roses heart arrangement.

So these were our top 5 romantic ways to say I love you with a gift, hope you liked our ideas.  Make sure you do convey your feelings in the best way possible.

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