How to Make First Anniversary Memorable for Life Time?

Posted by Monika Sharma on 8th March 2020

Have you ever thought about having a secret wedding with your partner in court or going for long vacations? Then it’s time to get a bit adventurous and doing so on your first anniversary. You have the choice to celebrate the life of togetherness with times filled with cozy warm hugs, boundless affection and much more. Here are some interesting 1st anniversary celebration ideas that will make memories for a lifetime.

Recreate the food menu of your wedding night

You can go ahead with recreating the meal that you two had as the first meal after being married. You can do the preparations together like the selection of the recipes, then going for grocery shopping and then finally cooking together. This will be the 1st Anniversary Special as most of the time the party menu that you had on your wedding includes dishes that you probably won’t have cooked on your own. This is going to be a challenge especially if you try the delicious anniversary cake as recreation will be difficult yet so much fun.

Romantic Candle Light Dinner

In case you two are not married yet and it’s your dating anniversary. You can go and have a romantic candlelight dinner date at the restaurant where you ate on the first date. This will be a fun idea that your partner will appreciate as well. You will have conversations that you had then and all of the memories will come rushing back. Appreciating the beautiful beginning of a wonderful relationship that only got stronger with time will be great.

Get adventurous

Of course, going for a romantic dinner date night is great, but probably there might have been many over the years you have been together. So you can try and plan a weekend trip, this can get a bit expensive but will be worth it. You can do something that you had been thinking of doing for a long time like going for bungee jumping or a hot air balloon ride. One can even go and explore a different city together, there is a vast collection of getaway packages and activities that you can do. All of the information is easily available on the internet now and when you go for the trip it will be the most unique way of spending the day of togetherness.

Have a romantic photo shoot

This can be one of the best anniversary gifts for the special woman in your life. On your anniversary you can hire a professional photographer that can click some interesting pictures. These can be perhaps the places where you had stopped while you went on that Long drive to have tea. Or a place that has some meaning for both of you and these pictures will be sweet to look at years to come.

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Conclusion: These were some interesting ideas that can help you in celebrating this anniversary differently. Make sure you also get a thoughtful gift as well, for the appreciation you feel for the presence of the other person in your life.

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