5 Attractive Ways to Say I Love You

Posted by Monika Sharma on 3rd January 2020

Everyone has a desire to be loved. In fact, according to research, there is only one kind of happiness, which exists in this beautiful world- which is to love and be loved. The moment we fall in love, our emotions bounce back and forth between euphoria, exhilaration, and anxiety. Sometimes, we may even feel butterflies flying in our stomachs. Yes! This wonderful feeling is called LOVE.

Generally, a beautiful red rose flower bouquet or a big chocolate gift hampers are stuff which people generally gift to express their feelings. These romantic Valentine’s Day gift ideas can be made more special if feelings are expressed in a beautiful way. However, everyone has a unique way of expressing feelings. Some may be shy as well!

There are basically 5 LOVE languages. That means if your loved one is not saying ‘I LOVE YOU!” too much, then that does not mean that he/she does not love you. Maybe, he/ she have a different love language. Here are the five different ways in which a person can express love without exactly saying I LOVE YOU!

Affirmative Words

Out of all other types, this is the most common one. If this language is followed by your partner that means a cute, little praise goes a long way to make them feel special. They are generally in the form of verbal compliments or appreciation. For e.g.“YOU COMPLETE ME”.

Quality Time

This one means just letting them know how you feel. One point which is noteworthy is that, if you struggle to compliment your partner, the key to this is to make a list of things that you appreciate. In reference to the list, you may even create some positive comments that you may like to give to your partner. Rather than searching online Valentine’s Day gifts for her, you may opt for searching nice quotes and phrases which suit your partner’s personality.

Receiving Gifts

This love language is not at all about being materialistic; people pertaining to this love language take gifts as a symbol of feelings of love. Cost really does not hold any significance. Certainly, as this love language is related to gifts, this is the most visual of 5 love languages. It is something which you can hold in your hand and say that he/she was thinking of me and so on.

Some Service

This particular love language is related to do something for your loved one, that you know that he or she may like you to do. You in a way try to please your beloved by giving her some service. It actually requires time as well as effort. 

Physical Touch

All of us have the ability to receive some signals emotionally, with some sort of touch. This is a powerful language of expressing love. Although Valentine’s Day romantic gifts are one of the ideas of expressing love, this language is very special. If this is the love language, that your partner follows, and then he may feel aloof if you do not touch them.

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Love comes in so many forms and each one of us has a different way to express the same feeling. Hence, it is not always necessary to simply say, I LOVE YOU. These 5 attractive ways will bring more sparks in our relationship.

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