Why People Use Lucky Bamboo in Their House or Office?

Posted by Monika Sharma on 29th November 2019

Lucky bamboo, a household plant is recognised to enhance feng shui. This lucky bamboo plant is not exactly bamboo as the name signifies. The stalks and stems look like bamboo, it is known as ‘Dracaena’.

As per the Chinese traditions, the importance of lucky bamboo is relevant to number of stalks you have. It has different meanings related with different lucky bamboo arrangements.
For instance, let us know about some of them:

  • Only two stalks signifies love
  • Three stalks signifies Fu (happiness), Soh (long life), and Lu (wealth)
  • Five stalks signifies circle of life that has an impact on wealth

Likewise, it goes on-and-on. But, let us tell you the fact that you will not come across a conventional lucky bamboo plant with four stalks. According to Chinese culture, the number ‘four’ is quite close to ‘death’. Gifting four stalks of bamboo is considered rude, since it signifies that you are wishing death for the receiver.

Lucky Bamboo and its Significance

Lucky bamboo, a popular houseplant in several homes is very much in demand these days. You will find different arrangements of stalks in gifting portals or in supermarkets. It is wise that you get one for your home and office from SendBestGift. This plant is significant for the ones who believe in feng shui. They wish to create their personal arrangements to maximize the efficiency as energy healing.

Order lucky bamboo plant online and bring in peace and positive energy in your home. It edifies and how to be flexible so that the strength of mind can freely flow. Do you know that if you have lucky bamboo plant in your garden, then how soothing and transcendental the resonance of wind crackling through the stalks / leaves can be? Moreover, feng shui wind chimes and bamboo flooring has profound effect on your home.

Lucky Bamboo Brings The Luck

Not only home, in fact having this plant in your office is also beneficial. Try to place this plant in east corner of your cabin to ensure good health and prosperity in your business. If you are aware of the kua number, then put this plant in the best directions to draw chi energy. As said earlier, number of stalks has different effects, if you place six stalks, then it will bring in wealth and prosperity. The southeast section of the office is best to place lucky bamboo plant.

Last but not the least; placing a lucky bamboo plant in your office and home has several benefits. It attracts good feng shui energy to the place where it can be put. If you already know what to wish to acquire in life, then accordingly you can place this precious feng shui tool.

What are you waiting for? Still, you do not believe how important it is. Well, after reading this, you can make out its significance. Therefore, go and place your order of lucky bamboo plant from SendBestGift, along with plants the portal offers different flowers that you can order and send flowers to India same day and have an amazing shopping experience.

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