Why Diwali 2022 is special for kids? How 2022 Diwali will be different from past.

Posted by Monika Sharma on 21st September 2019

Diwali is one of those festival which brings the family together however for it is a special festival for Kids. Not only the parents buy diwali gifts for kids or new clothes. Gift hampers sweets but also they take them to visit friends and family.

Children loves festivals and when it comes to the top most festival for Indians they want to make the most out of it. Diwali as a festival brings families together and Kids feel more connected to god. Kids even if don’t worship god for the entire year but on the day of the festival all family sit together and worship Lord Ram. It is one festival which is celebrated throughout India not restricted to one part of India. Here are some ways how you can celebrate diwali differently 2022.

No more crackers this Diwali

With the current pollution condition in India many of the schools and parents are preaching their kids not to burn crackers. It is very important for kids to learn the importance of environment which needs to healthy enough to breathe. Kids are exchanging sweets and gifts instead of polluting air.

Visiting Friends

It used to be an adult affair where parents used to visit their friends and family to celebrate Deepavali. Now days the kids also visit schoolmates and friends living nearby and buying gifts for them. We at sendbestgift have variety of gifts exclusively available for kids on the occasion of Diwali.

Celebrating Diwali with underprivileged and needy

It is important for kids to understand the importance of giving and share at a young age. Now parents are encouraging kids to spend time with those kids where they don’t have the capacity to buy, however they should also get a chance to celebrate. Kids are buying gifts and diwali sweets for the poor kids.

Spending more time worshipping God

People do so many things to bring the family closer it used to be joint families earlier in India. Now days it is less number of members in a family. Diwali brings families together and it is good time for the kids to know their cousins and uncles better. When the entire family is worshipping together it brings them closer. In today’s world where kids are busy with education and other activities they get very less time to spend with cousins. Diwali gives them this opportunity where not only they celebrate together. Do not forget to do a very important activity wherein they say prayers together as well.

Less of Sugar now in 2022

As India is becoming health conscious because of growing number of cases of diabetes people are becoming responsible. Eaters of sugar earlier all the gifts were made of sugar but now a days there are variety of options available for non-sugar based products for gifts.

Sendbestgift offers a range of Gifts for kids on Diwali we have spent hours in searching what is loved by the children. When we buying gifts for Kids we have to think like a kid and what brings them joy. When kids see the gifts they give the best reaction as compared to what adults do.

Ideas for Diwali gifts for Kids

Chocolate Diwali gift Basket for kids

Kids do love chocolate and what can be a better gift for them on this Diwali when you are presenting them a basket full of chocolates.

Small Crackers

Though we as a website promote no use of crackers. We offer small crackers where in there is no noise and less pollution can be gifted to kids to keep the excitement and essence of the festival.

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