Unique First Birthday Gift Ideas for your Child

Posted by Monika Sharma on 5th March 2021

Birthdays are always special! And they become more special if it is your child’s birthday. The first birthday of the kid is way to special and it must be followed by a big celebration. So, have you thought what do you want to gift for 1 year old baby girl birthday? Have you thought of any funny and cute gifts or are you still looking for 1st birthday gift ideas? Think of some unique birthday gift for your munchkin.

There are some finest online portals that have curated memorable first birthday gifts for your little star. These ideas are unique and have a personal touch to them. You would find some amazing toys or games that are good for mental and physical development of a child. On the other hand, there are cute gifts that the child would love to play with.

Adorable Gifts for your Little Star

  • You can find some amazing age eccentric gift for baby boy 1st birthday. It is no more a difficult task as they have combined it all in one place for you and after a good look at the excellent collection you would find some amazing gifts like toys, soft toys for the star.
  • When you look at the options for 1 year baby birthday gift you will see a lot of things that are useful in these years like baby crawling toy or baby care gift basket. These gifts are useful and are fun for the kid and the parents both.
  • If your child is grown up and enjoys his own birthday party, then the best gift for them would be designer cakes or cartoon cakes. These cakes are loved by children and it is something they flaunt. The cakes are the centre of attraction in Child’s birthday party. It is sure to make the perfect present for the occasion.
  • Whether it is your own child or your nephew, birthdays are important, so pick best first birthday gifts for him/her. You can set personalised gift items like photo mug, photo cushion or photo frame for kids that they would cherish all their life and it is a precious gift for the parent too.
  • Do not let your gift be common that you find in each store. Be a little different and get the best and out of the box 1st birthday gift ideas for niece. It could be a barbie doll or light and sound toys that would make the kid smile and she would be all excited to play with. A piggy coin bank is a very interesting gift and it also attracts kids. They love to collect coins and it would be a cute toy with very useful use.

Same Day 1st Birthday Cake Delivery

You can also make same day baby first birthday gifts delivery in India from anywhere. Make sure that you are the best uncle /aunt and send online cakes for 1st birthday and club it with a cute and fun filled gift hamper. Let the baby’s birthday be celebrated with flying colours.

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