Top 10 Cakes to Make Birthday of Your Loved Ones Memorable

Posted by Monika Sharma on 24th February 2020

Anniversaries and birthday celebrations have one thing in common and those are delicious cakes. SendbestGift is the top online cake shop that can assist very well to make the special day a memorable one. Making a special wish while one blow the candles is one of the customs followed by people from around the world. You can always bake this delicacy at home for making it special. But if you are far away from your loved ones on this day you can easily book birthday cakes online without any hassle. So here we have for you the list for the top 10 cakes to make the birthday of your loved memorable.

Black Forest Cake

This is probably the most favourite flavor that is liked by people all over the world. The cake is well layered with cream and topped with delicious chocolate. Here at SendBestGift, you can get this easily with midnight cake delivery option to make it special and giving a surprise that they were not expecting.

Kit Kat Cake

For anyone that loves chocolates, this is the perfect cake. The chocolate cake is wonderfully decorated with bars of Kit Kat. And has been an Instagram hit for long.

Pineapple Cake

This is a simple plain cake that doesn’t have an overpowering sweetness. The cake reminds a person of the humble things of life. So if your special one has an uncomplicated and a down to earth attitude than this is the choice for you. The cake works perfectly as an engagement present as well.

Glazed Cakes

This cake is going to enhance the joy of celebration further. The cake looks beautiful with a sugary glaze that can also be selected as per flavor.

Strawberry Cake

This is again one of the classics that remain a trend and the bestseller on the website. The moist and dense strawberry cake is layered and has a wonderful frosting. Further strawberries are decorated all over the cake. The cake not just tastes good but also looks amazing. Additionally, you can place your order for this one as Heart Shape Cake making it the perfect gift for your better half.

Red Velvet Cake

All of the special occasions require an extra effort and certainly, the best bet can be a red velvet cake. Our website has some of the most tempting cakes that are made using premium ingredients. For ending the wishes on a special day, you can send this cake and we shall deliver at the doorstep.

Mango Cake

The season of mangoes is here and is a true delight. The taste is refreshing and makes everyone happy.

Fruit Cake

This creamy fruit cake with vanilla as its flavor base is liked by everyone. It’s perfect for all parties and is great for people that are health conscious as it’s topped with exotic fruits. As you take the first bite there is a hit of vanilla flavor, with a crunch by the fruits. This surely makes it a royal treat for the celebration. You can order this one with same day cake delivery if you are running late with placing your order.

Photo Cake

This is a customised cake that remains the trend the entire year. Order it in the flavor of your choice and get a wonderful cake of you to over the cake. We provide a timely photo cake delivery so you don’t have to stress on anything.

Almond Cake

This is a classic. It has the crunch of roasted almonds and is one of the healthiest options. But it will add to the celebration and a must for an anniversary celebration.

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