Sugar Flowers-Use it as Cake Toppers

Posted by Monika Sharma on 28th August 2019

Cake décor, the artistic talent of making cakes has come a very long way. Creating a wonderfully decorated cake is very easy than what you may think. If you have interest in baking, then you will find it as a breeze. Usually, the basis of amazingly decorated cake is all about icing and sugar flowers.

Do you know that sugar flowers are not something new? These flowers have been around from 19th century. It is a kind of cake art, which incorporates creation of wonderful flower arrangements for decoration on cake.

Decorate Cake with Sugar Flowers

Who does not want to eat delicious cakes? Normally, we make cake with sugar, flour, oil, butter, eggs, fruits, essence, milk, and water.  Apart from this, fruity creams, sugary flowers, and butter creams are used as toppings on cake. They are used as centerpiece at anniversaries, birthdays, wedding, and get-togethers. No wonder, it makes your celebration more mesmerizing.

Making a cake is not at all difficult! The most important thing is to decorate it; you want to do icing, either topping, or frosting on it. The decoration can be done by icing sugar. But how to make it? Frosting is actually a mix of icing sugar, cream, and milk. Topping is done by using sugar flowers and colored creams. It is very simple to make sugar flowers. These flowers are shaped by using sugary icing. Though, making sugar flowers needs patience and apt tools like rolling pin and petal flower cutter, but it is not that complicated.

Do you find it difficult to make it at home? Don’t you have that much of patience to make it? Then, do not worry and order sugar flowers online from Our bakers are quite competent and have years of experience in making sugar flowers. Moreover, you have an option to get the sugar flowers customized and add colors or flavors in the sugar paste as per your choice.

How About a Delicious Cake with a Bouquet of Flowers?

A cake with sugar flowers toppings and a beautiful bouquet of flowers for your near and dear ones will surely brighten their day. The combination of these two is just awesome!

Presence of flowers is enough to make someone’s day memorable. Earlier, it was not easy to carry flowers to different places. But, with the advent of online platforms, sending cake & flowers to your loved ones is just one click away! Our process of sending cakes to India along with flowers anytime is very simple. Our experts takes proper care of the product and promise same day flower delivery to your loved ones.

We promise to deliver fresh flowers to the given address in India. You will not have any complaints about late delivery, in fact if you wish to surprise your dear ones we also provide services for midnight flowers delivery.

You can bank-on us to provide you best services the way you want.

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