How to Make my Anniversary Memorable in Lock Down?

Posted by Monika Sharma on 19th August 2020

Amid all the global news, restrictions on travel, and social distancing norms, you and probably your partner too may be wondering: “How to make my anniversary memorable in Lockdown?”

This Coronavirus disease pandemic is humbling and in many ways an eye opener. Home-cooked food and fresh air have become important again. It has also highlighted the importance of being healthy and having strong immunity. As the world grips with covid 19 lockdown, couples are finding new ways of celebrating their special day. But why is celebrating the wedding anniversary so important?

Anniversaries are the perfect time to remember the past, the sweet memories that led to the present. It is also a time to be grateful to each other in the present and lastly, it is time to vow to be by each other’s side in the future. Thus, celebrating anniversary is important. However, it is time to let the more intimate things take the center stage and let extravagant gifts, outing and trips recede to the background. Follow along to know how you can make your anniversary celebration more meaningful.

Remember the Good Old Days

Whether you are together or separated by travel restrictions, you can just sit and retell important stories to each other. How did you meet? What makes your partner feel loved? And what moments do you remember that are romantic, loving and positive. Indulge in delicious cakes while you are at it. Bake heart shape cakes or photo cakes yourself or order a sanitized anniversary cake delivery from a trusted online gift store.

Recreate Special Moments

Every couple has special moments from the past, moments that they cherish for a lifetime. Remember what you ordered on your first date? Prepare it at home, play your favorite music in the background and enjoy your ‘first’ date. Order chocolate gift hamper for the dessert. Ferrero Rocher to cadbury chocolates, shops for your partner’s favorite ones.

Share in the Present

They say life is available only in the present moment. Tell your partner what you are thankful for. Every day you can write down one thing your partner did that you liked. Present it to your partner on the next anniversary and trust us this is going to be one of the most romantic anniversary gifts for wife.

Go Digital

Get creative with your gifting skills. Order anniversary gifts online for your partner. Scroll through the online anniversary gift section at multiple website, select anniversary gift for husband/wife and get it delivered at the doorsteps of your spouse. From beautiful flowers to home décor items and teddy bear with card, put on your thinking hat and choose the right gift.

Commit to a happier future

Vow to be by each other’s side in this grim situation (the pandemic) in times to come. Present your partner with thoughtful personalised gift items as a reminder of these vows. Besides reminding your partner of your love and care, personalised gifts are one of the best anniversary gift ideas.

The Anniversary is one of the most awaited days for every couple. It is an opportunity to reaffirm the love, to assert your care and support on your beloved spouse. Do not let the corona virus breakdown stop you from celebrating your achievements. Order gifts online and get them delivered right at the doorsteps of your life partner with online wedding anniversary gifts delivery.

Most online gift stores offer a wide range of delivery options to make your gifting smooth one. Opt for the special delivery options like same day anniversary gift delivery, fixed time delivery and the midnight anniversary gift delivery. Do take all the precautions and practice social distancing norms.

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