How to Celebrate Pollution Free Diwali with your Family & Friends?

Posted by Monika Sharma on 11th October 2019

The festival of lights, Diwali is right away knocking at the door and preparations have already started in most homes. As one of the grandest festivals of the country, it brings incomparable excitement & joy in all abodes. It is that festival where we all strive to wipe off all malice and evil with the help of diyas and lights. But this year and also for the upcoming years let us all dedicate this beautiful festival to nature and go eco-friendly for celebrating pollution free Diwali with near and dear ones. Rising to adverse levels, air pollution during this time can affect health of humans and animals in manifold ways and also food & energy wastage can be observed. Along with this the noise that arises from burning crackers also poses challenges for elderly individuals, infants & pets. We can all revert to online gift shop & celebrate Diwali with gifts and sweets without harmful products like crackers.

Some eco-friendly ways of celebrating Diwali

  • Utilize traditional lighting – Oil diyas are cost-effective and bio-degradable. You can send online diwali gifts to India like this from online gift stores and urge your family to go green and eco-friendly. There are innovative light decorations as well that can be made with orange, coconut shells and wheat dough. This will lead to reduction in electricity consumption.
  • Skipping or lessening sugar intake – Be it any festivity, focusing on health is not just important for you but for the environment around you as well. When you opt for diwali chocolates delivery this time, make sure to buy products that has less calorie and less sugar content. Sugar free chocolates are available as well. When shop healthy sweet products online, you are also decreasing the wastage that rises from restaurants & sweet shops, thereby saving the environment. Order diwali sweets online today.
  • Preventing plastic usage – When arranging a Diwali party, it is highly recommended to utilize biodegradable utensils or pattals & earthenware and not plastic disposables. Thus, if you order for same day diwali dry fruits delivery in your home in India from abroad, you must make sure the online vendor utilizes biodegradable materials for wrapping orders. By this a traditional twist can be offered to any party or festivity along with reduction in plastic wastes.
  • Creating beautiful rangolis by utilizing organic colours – To bring that appropriate festive look in your abode during Diwali, drawing colourful rangolis is a must. But this time choose organic colours instead of chemical ones.
  • Offering thoughtful gifts – In the current times, you can buy laxmi ganesh idols made of eco-friendly materials and gift it to your near and dear ones. Avoiding shiny plastic wrappings is highly advised. Shore up the green cause in every way you can by reverting to plain paper wraps.

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Diwali is no longer a festival that is marked just for the affluence of you and your beloved family but it is for the sampurna suraksha of the environment & society at large as well. Every individual must contribute their share in this festival that is right around the corner and move towards a memorable celebration. Making individual small efforts will lead to humungous positive effects for the future generations in the upcoming years.

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