How to Celebrate Mother’s Day during Quarantine?

Posted by Monika Sharma on 23rd April 2020

The world is grappling with the issue of a pandemic, the biggest in the last hundred years. Countries are suffering, economies are failing, jobs are getting lost, and all of it because of a small virus, coronavirus. But hey, that does not mean we should stop celebrating. Here we have mentioned the tips how to celebrate Mother’s Day during quarantine? On the contrary, it is the time to cheer up our scared fellows and pay respect to our fallen friends. Our spirit is much bigger than covid-19 and celebrating our special days is one of the ways to manifest it.

Celebrate Sunday, May 08 as the Mother’s Day and amaze your mother on the day dedicated to all the mothers. A usual mother’s day celebration involves mother’s day gifts, party ideas, letters, and lots of wishes. However, we being in quarantine rules out most of them. So how do we celebrate Mother’s Day? How to amaze your mother while you stay at home to save lives? Here are a few ways you can try. Try these out and let us know how it went.

Make her laugh

So what you are not home with her. Make your own skit to make your mother laugh aloud. Take some help from your siblings, recreate and Revisit Memories, edit the video and send it to her. You can also make a gratitude video to thank her for all her efforts.

Wish her a Happy Mother’s Day

Ask your friend and family members to hold placards displaying a letter of “Happy Mother’s Day”. Video call your mother and let her soak in the surprise. You might even play her favourite song to make it more special.

Movie Night

Is there a tradition in your family of going out to movie on Mother’s Day? You can still make it. Dim the lights and watch her favorite movie on TV or laptop. Make sure to have enough popcorn, ice-creams, candies and drinks for the show.

Hone her Skills

Make use of this quarantine time to hone her skills.  Indulge in Painting while sipping wine or burn some calories while dancing. She isn’t the artsy type or does not know how to dance? Use the depths of the internet to help her learn.

Bake a Cake

Celebrations cannot be concluded without a cake, no matter the world is in a lock down. Go for your tried and tested recipe to bake a cake or explore new recipes and bake a delicious cake for her. You can also do this over a video call and help her bake one for herself.

Mom’s day 2022 is surely going to be different than the previous ones. However, you can evolve to celebrate and honor your mother with unique gifts for mom. Whether you make a video for her, wish her using placards, or indulge in Cooking with her, there are numerous ways to display your affection. Just remember, a little celebration can go a long way in cheering her up in these tough times. Stay home, stay safe. We will get through this together.

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