Friendship Quotes 2021 That Your Best Friend Will Love

Posted by Monika Sharma on 26th July 2021

Friends are special. They are the ones that bring a smile to our faces whenever we are feeling low or bad about something. A friend will go out of the way to lift your spirits. Never undermine the importance of true friends in life because you never know what you will do when they are not there. We have shared the best & unique friendship day quotes 2021 to wish your dearest friends.

Friendship Quotes 2021 to Surprise your Best Friend

Friendship is the best occasion to surprise your best friend with lovely best friend quotes. Technology has changed the way relationships are now. We all are hard-pressed for time. Work seems to occupy most part of the day leaving with little or no time to do something special for our friends. Send nice friendship quotes that showcase your true feelings. ‘Once a friend forever a piece of heart’. Browse for friendship days messages for girlfriends or friendship day messages for boyfriends and you will be amazed by the options that you will get.

Let us see a few of them:

  • The most beautiful creation on this Earth is true friends and valuing them is important.
  • A real friend is one who walks with you in every thick and thin.
  • When the world around you is complicated, then the gift of friendship is the only thing you have in your hand.
  • True friends make you laugh louder, cry bitterly, smile brightly, and live happily.
  • Best friends are like shining diamonds- beautiful, bright, and valuable. Take care of them.
  • Distance is No Barrier in Friendship. Love your best buddy like no other!
  • You are the one on whom I can count on. I just pray to God that our friendship lasts all our life!
  • Some friends are so special in my life that it is really hard to imagine my existence in this universe without them. You are one of them. Happy Friendship Day!

View More Friendship Quotes

Pick up special friendship day quotes and send a message to your friend to make him/ her feel on cloud nine. There are so many fantastic gifts for friendship day. Pick up a gift according to the taste and preferences of your friends. You can browse the web for cost-effective and nice options. Happy friendship day wishes for bbf should be out of the box. You will get amazing ideas online. From a fitness band for a health freak friend to a box of chocolates for a friend that has a sweet tooth go for something that will add to the zing factor.

Other Friendship Quotes 2021

Let us see some more amazing friendship Day quotes:

  • Friendship ss a bond is inexplicable. Thank you for being an important part of my life my friend.
  • A true friend knows your heart. And I know you know mine. I love you my best pal.
  • When everyone leaves the real friend stays. Life is a bed of roses with friends by your side. I have many roses on my bed.
  • We all are on a journey and friend you make the journey more pleasurable and nicer.
  • I consider myself lucky to have your company as not everyone is blessed with such a thing. Happy Friendship Day dear!
  • The toughest portions of life become a roller coaster when you have the company of a real friend. And, you are when of them.
  • Thanks a lot my bundle of joy for always being supportive and kind-hearted to me.

Nobody can define the real meaning of friendship. For some, it is just about spending a nice evening and for few, it is standing up when the other person really needs you.  What you feel for your friend inside your heart cannot be expressed fully with anything. You can send cards, gifts, messages. All these things are a means to show that you care. It is important to make your friend feel wanted and loved and friendship day is the best time you can do it.


So, go ahead find quotes for friendship for your friends and send them a message. Expressing your feeling is no longer hard. It has become so much easier with friendship day quotes.  Friends that stand by you in storms are the real ones. Hold on to them and life will be beautiful in all possible ways.

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