Doll Cake Design Ideas for Baby Girl Birthday

Posted by Monika Sharma on 15th January 2022

Is it your baby girl’s birthday? You might feel that just yesterday, she was born. You can order a Doll Cake for your little doll and make her birthday memorable. If you are looking for doll cake design ideas for a baby girl birthday, you need to look no further as you can find all the details here. 

Princess Barbie Cake

You can order barbie design cake for the barbie of your world. Then, you can party with a barbie cake with your barbie. Barbie is dressed perfectly in creamy icing, and it is an ideal cake for your princess who turns one. The best of all is that this cake will drive the taste buds of everyone present at the party. Hence you should order this cake without any second thoughts. 

Rainbow Unicorn Cake

You can color the celebrations with enchantment and magic by sweeping the decorated table with a perfect unicorn cake. You can order a spiral-horned unicorn cake with creamy vibrant swirls and assets as the fondant unicorn beautiful cake will transport the party animals wild. Rainbows will surely attract eyeballs, and a unicorn cake will treat these taste buds quickly. Besides unicorns, you can Barbie photo cake

Two-Tier Castle Cake

Does your princess loves the castle? Then you are sorted as you can order the two-tier castle cake from the best online cake store. On her birthday, you indeed have an excellent opportunity to make her birthday special, and also her fairy-tale dream will come true. You can order a two-tier castle cake featuring fondant rings in one of the most relished cake flavors. 

Frozen Princess Cake

Every girl dreams of looking like her favorite’s frozen princess, especially on her birthday then. So why not make her feel like one by ordering a frozen princess cake customized for her. A cake is frosted with several shades of blue and white, featuring snow detailing that will make your princess smile wide. 

Minnie Mouse Cake

Does your little one loves Disney characters? You don’t need to look further as you can order the Minnie mouse cake. The sweet Minnie has bought a lot of joy in your life, then honor your special one with a special Minnie mouse cake with extraordinary Minnie figures, bow, and polka dots in beautiful pink and white features. 

Ombre Rosette Cake

A perfect birthday cake should have roses all over. If you feel your life has become rosy after your princess’ birth, you need to look no further as you can order an ombre rosette cake with well-defined buttercream rose swirls that will add a touch of magnificence on your daughter’s first birthday. Of course, it must be balanced perfectly with sweetness. 

Hello Kitty Cake

Ideally, a hello kitty cake is a perfect cake for your little kitty. She must be playing with little kitty toys, so why not fuel her love for little kitty by ordering this cake.

Baby Ballerina Cake

If your little princess loves pink and is attracted to everything rosy, then the ideal birthday cake could be a baby ballerina cake. This type of cake is very spongy, topped up with ruffled flowers. The cake on the top has cute little ballerinas. This yummy cake will be like a treat to everyone’s taste buds. 

Hence these are some doll cake design ideas for a baby girl birthday. You can get any of these designs and more at Send Best Gift. The cakes gifting shop will make sure to make your baby girl’s birthday ultra special by adding flavour of sweetness to the day.

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